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This Week in Global Health HIV/AIDS

Published on 1st December 2015: This video talks about the current status of HIV treatment and research. For more of This Week in Global Health, go to TWiGH


Published on 3 Dec 2014: This video deals with HIV - the progress made, and the challenges ahead! For more of This Week in Global Health, go to TWiGH


27th November 2014

'The quest to optimize HIV treatment outcomes in resource-limited settings'

Dr Damalie Nakanjako, Associated Professor Makerere University, Department of Medicine


22nd April 2014

'The Haiti National Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV Program'

Dr Nat Segaren - Medical Director of the Caris Foundation


The videos below, from Global Health Videos by Greg Martin, shared with permission. You can follow more videos from him at his YouTube channel

10 Facts about HIV:


HIV - an exceptional epidemic? An interview with Prof Alan Whiteside 


HIV Testing - an interview with Vincent Wong: